Oct 13

Response September: 25 Years Down and a Transition to Come

Following on the heels of my August recap, here’s a look at Response‘s September issue — the last issue of our 25th year of publication and the final issue prior to the brand refresh we’ve been working on in recent weeks. Appropriately, then, the issue is led by a cover story about a traditional direct-to-consumer marketer also celebrating its 25th anniversary: Tristar Products. Beyond that, September’s book includes a look at marketing in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, a piece on the power of video marketing (no matter the medium) driving the convergence of media, technology, and commerce, and our 22nd annual State of the Industry report. Let’s take a look at how these — and other stories — came together to form this transitional issue.

Thanks again for reading and interacting with Response!

Sep 08

Really, This Is Too Easy

No rant here. Just this: UCLA is who we thought they were.

Galippo’s reaction sums it up well. However, this re-edit of the Pac-12 promotional video, entitled Stop Whining, by a member of the Spirit of Troy is also amusingly enjoyable. May need a re-edit to 46 stabs on Nov. 26.

On the heels of Rick Neuheisel’s stirring end-of-practice speech yesterday (“I can’t be the only one who cares!!!!!!”), it’s comforting to know that the Bruins apparently never fail to provide comedy, even during these Kiffin-Probation years.