Feb 04

Picture This?!

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures (as anyone who’s a Facebook friend of mine will readily attest, perhaps even derisively). And I feel like I have a pretty good eye with a camera. But I’ve never considered myself a “photographer” if you catch my drift.

But with some access to a really nice Nikon and Adobe Lightroom, I’ve decided to give “photography” a try in 2012. So, here are some of my best efforts from my first couple weeks of fiddling around. I’d love to hear what you think — even if you think I should just stick to taking pictures rather than becoming a photographer.

For larger image sizes, just click on any picture to take you to the scrollable gallery of “full-size” photos.

To see the rest of my January images, click here to link to the January 2012 Flickr set, and don’t hesitate to request to add as a friend.