A Year of Response ‘Editor’s Note’ Columns in 1 Entry

response-mag-logoAs we close out the year that was 2012, I began to read back on my Editor’s Note columns in the pages of Response for the past year. I do this annually, just to make sure that I maintain the most vital and balanced voice I can in support of the magazine’s goals, the DR industry’s goals and the individual business goals of our readers.

As I was reading through them, I figured that TomRants might be the perfect place to put an annual compendium of these columns at the end of each year. So, here you have them — all 12 of my personal opinion pieces from Response for 2012. As always, I’m open for feedback on any of my thoughts! Feel free to drop a line.

January: Adding Value and Accessibility Helps Our Readers, Advertisers

February: The DRMA at 5: A Milestone Due to Your Hard Work and Support

March: Housewares Market Continues to Be a DR Hot Spot

April: Response Goes to Washington

May: All Aboard? Setting Sail at  Response Expo 2012

June: While Some Remain Down in the Mouth, Most DR Indicators Are Up

July: From Bloodlines to the Bottom Line

August: Controversy Over NBC Olympics Coverage Gives Marketers a Golden Message

September: A Commitment to Marketers and Service Providers Drives Our Business

October: The FTC Leans Hard on the DR Business … Again

November: A November Surprise? 2Q DR Media Results Bode Well for Future

December: Giving Thanks … and Slowing Down Greed



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