Dec 26

A Year of Response ‘Editor’s Note’ Columns in 1 Entry

response-mag-logoAs we close out the year that was 2012, I began to read back on my Editor’s Note columns in the pages of Response for the past year. I do this annually, just to make sure that I maintain the most vital and balanced voice I can in support of the magazine’s goals, the DR industry’s goals and the individual business goals of our readers.

As I was reading through them, I figured that TomRants might be the perfect place to put an annual compendium of these columns at the end of each year. So, here you have them — all 12 of my personal opinion pieces from Response for 2012. As always, I’m open for feedback on any of my thoughts! Feel free to drop a line.

January: Adding Value and Accessibility Helps Our Readers, Advertisers

February: The DRMA at 5: A Milestone Due to Your Hard Work and Support

March: Housewares Market Continues to Be a DR Hot Spot

April: Response Goes to Washington

May: All Aboard? Setting Sail at  Response Expo 2012

June: While Some Remain Down in the Mouth, Most DR Indicators Are Up

July: From Bloodlines to the Bottom Line

August: Controversy Over NBC Olympics Coverage Gives Marketers a Golden Message

September: A Commitment to Marketers and Service Providers Drives Our Business

October: The FTC Leans Hard on the DR Business … Again

November: A November Surprise? 2Q DR Media Results Bode Well for Future

December: Giving Thanks … and Slowing Down Greed



Mar 14

Response March: The Power of Housewares in DR; Flying High at Response Expo; and a New Partnership With the DMA

Since our wonderful senior editor Jackie Jones took on this month’s cover feature about Hoover’s recent foray into direct response TV, this month’s recap is a little shorter. But here goes:

  • Having just returned from the annual International Home+Housewares Show in Chicago, I can tell you for a fact that the market’s excitement for and use of DR marketing is at an all-time high, as I contended in my March Editor’s Note.
    The Housewares Show was once again a hot spot for DR leaders.

    While there, it was a pleasure to meet Chef Rick Tarantino and Susan Zaso, crucial contributors to our feature story about celebrity chefs and their influence on housewares marketing. At the same time, it was great to catch up with Concepts TV Productions‘ Collette Liantonio, who authored a great column for the issue about how housewares marketers are using DRTV to help out consumers facing the tough economy. It’s always great when an issue of Response really comes together and is well timed, and, thanks to our contributors, this was definitely one of those!

  • We also announced a couple of big news items in this month’s Field Reports section, including welcoming ex-Blue Angels leader John Foley as the keynoter at Response Expo 2012. If anyone can fill the big shoes of Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Sir Bob Geldof — our past two Expo keynote speakers — it’s Foley.
    Blue Angels Keynoter

    John Foley will keynote Response Expo on May 15.

    His inspiring talk is also full of great business insight and is sure to wow our attendees. Finally, Response has teamed with the Direct Marketing Association to sponsor its DMA in DC event on March 26-27. For marketers interested in learning about the hottest regulatory topics facing their businesses and reaching the right government representatives to tackle those issues, the DMA in DC event promises to be a great forum!