40 for 40

As I mark the passage of 40 years on this planet, I’ve had plenty of chances to reflect on those four decades — the happy moments and the sad; the wins and the losses; and everything in between. As I rolled these years over in my head it struck me that perhaps I could put together a list — in no particular order — of 40 various people, places and things that have affected or influenced my life, brought me great joy or even provided simple lasting memories.

To my loved ones: you are ALL at the top of any list I would make like this, so realize and recognize that before you note to yourself, while reading, “What about me?” For all my cynicism and dark wit, I just love living and experiencing life so much that I could never touch on everything that’s made a mark on me in this or any space. But I can give you a decent set of examples — one for each year that I’ve lived.

2 thoughts on “40 for 40

  1. Ah……. Vin Scully!! Now THERE is a man who could make ANYone a baseball fan…. in the old days before TV when both the players and audience still enjoyed the game! He was also always a gentleman. I remember driving from L.A., listening to him call a game, to S.F., listening to the NorCal announcer and never, EVER heard Vin Scully say the kind of things about the S.F. team that the other guy said about L.A.!!!!

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